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    Runescape Hacks
    MPHacks offers the latest in undetected Runescape hacks, including such cheats as Leveling Bots, Auto Fighters, Auto Clickers, and much more.
    WoW Hacks
    Undetected Private World of Warcraft Hacks including Leveling Guides, Fishing Bots, Gold Dupes, Powerleveling Bots, The latest Exploits, Wall Jumping Hacks and many more.
    Maple Story Hacks
    God Mode Hack, Undetected Bypass, Speed Hack, ZenXEngine, Super Jump Hack, and much more.
    Counter Strike Hacks
    Don't ever get banned from CS again. Use our undetected Counter Strike 1.6 Hacks such as Aimbots, Speed Hacks, Unlimited Ammo Hacks, Wallhacks, NoFlash Hacks and so much more!
    MPHacks - Top Undetected Hack sections
    WoW Gold Dupe
    WoW Leveling Bot
    Runescape Multihack
    ZenXEngine Updated*
    Private Maplestory Bypass
    Massive CS 1.6 Multihack
    Guild Wars Gold Dupe
    WoW Wall Climbing Hack
    Private Starcraft Crash Hack
    MPHacks - Top Undetected hacks...
    Multiplayer Hacks - Featured News
    Runescape Hacks updates
    Our Runescape hacks section has been updated today. All hacks are currently undetected, and all exploits are currently working.

    Featured: Auto Fighter - Leveling Bot
    With an auto-fighter, you will save vast amounts of time by letting this bot kill enemies for you and therefore leveling you!

    WoW Hacks section fully loaded!
    We have added a large amount of new Hacks, Bots and Exploits to the World of Warcraft (WoW) Hacks section. 100% Undetected

    Featured: WoW Leveling Bot
    Not all of us have 12+ hours a day to dedicate to WoW, that's why this bot was made. WoW Leveling Bot will automatically level you!
    ZenXEngine Updated: SECURE
    We've gotten our hands on the newest version of ZenXEngine, an amazing Maple Story Bypass which also includes several amazing hacks such as:

    Featured: ZenXEngine Download
    Godmode, Super Tubi, Swear Filter, Levitate, Speed Hack, Unlimited Jump... One of the top Maple Story Bypasses out there!
    Multiplayer Hacks - News and Updates
    Starcraft Hacks posted
    Out Starcraft / Broodwar Hacks section has been loaded with some of the best private SC Hacks out there, All fully undetected and clean...      Private Starcraft Crash Hack - Starcraft/BW CD Key Changer - Huge SC Multihack

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    CS Hacks updated, 2 Undetected CS1.6 Cheats added
    All Undetected hacks from the CS 1.6 section have been removed from the site, and all users who have downloaded these have been emailed a warning to download the newest versions.

    The newest hacks added to the CS Hacks section include:
    Aimbot, Aimdraw, Aimheight, TeamESP, VisibleESP, NameESP, DistanceESP, WeaponESP, Wallhack, Noflash, Nightmode, Whitewalls, ColorSmoke, Lambert, Speedhack, Speedvalue, Speedkey, Thirdperson, CleanScreenshot, And MUCH More...